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Spike Lee directing Sony's Marvel movie Nightwatch? 'Nah'

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Oct 26, 2018, 12:02 PM EDT

After news broke in May that film legend Spike Lee was circling a feature film about the Marvel superhero Nightwatch for Sony’s new Marvel/Spider-man universe, reactions were understandably excited. But they were also, it seems, premature.

In an interview with Screenrant during which he was asked about the rumors, Lee shut down fan hopes with a single word: “Nah.” Sorry Kevin Trench stans, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for your time-travelling hero. And sorry Sony fans, but you’ll also have to wait longer for a black superhero to enter alongside Venom and the planned films starring Kraven the Hunter, Silver Sable, Silk, Jackpot, and Black Cat.

Back in Web of Spider-Man #97, Dr. Trench witnessed his future, masked self die in a fight with terrorists, only to pick up his mantle and fulfill the time loop — and his destiny. But something apparently wasn’t in the cards for Lee and the project as the Do the Right Thing director was very clear and succinct when it came to his dismissal of the rumor. Did something go wrong with the process? Was Sony asking one of the greatest living filmmakers to compromise his vision?

We’re not sure, but with such a curt answer, there’s not much to glean. There’s also no word if Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker is still writing the film, as was previously reported, considering the Marvel show’s recent turmoil and cancellation. As of August, the entire Sony slate of side character films was a bit up in the air, but with the surprising box office success of Venom, at least some will likely move forward. The only question now is, will Nightwatch?