Spike TV's ambitious sci-fi series Red Mars put on hold following the showrunner's departure

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Mar 28, 2016, 5:12 PM EDT

Merely two weeks after it was announced that Emmy-winning director Greg Yaitanes (Lost, Heroes, House M.D., Banshee) had been tapped to direct Spike TV’s ambitious Red Mars series, everything has screeched to a halt in the wake of the sudden departure of executive producer/showrunner Peter Noah (Tyrant, Kingdom) from the Skydance TV-produced project.

First, let me get this out of the way: Nooooooo!!!! Right. Feeling slightly better ... not.

According to Deadline, Noah has departed the TV show — which had been picked up as a straight-to-series "hard" sci-fi drama late last year — over the same ol’ same ol’ story of "creative differences" with Spike TV. Sadly for now, they have no immediate replacement, which is one of the reasons the preproduction is being put on hold. 

In the wake of Peter Noah's abrubt departure, a spokesman for Spike TV has issued the following statement, which also seems to imply that they're also working on retooling the script(s):

“We will continue to develop Red Mars with Skydance. The Red Mars trilogy is one of the most beloved, modern science fiction properties, in part because of its tremendous scope and ambition. We are pausing to ensure we get the script right and to deliver fans what they want — a fantastic show that fully captures the spirit of these wonderful books.”

The 10-part series is based on the first book of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Nebula- and Hugo-award-winning Mars Trilogy — made up of Red Mars (1993), Green Mars (1994) and Blue Mars (1996) — chronicling the colonization and transformation of the Red Planet over a span of 200 years.

Since production (which was originally meant to kick off this summer) on Red Mars has been delayed, this means that the show's original premiere date of January 2017 will also have to be pushed back. Hopefully, Spike TV will be able to find a suitable showrunner for the series sooner rather than later so we can finally get to see this masterpiece of science fiction unfold on our TV screens sometime in 2017.

(via Deadline)