In spite of Brienne, Gwendoline Christie digs her would-be Game of Thrones romance

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May 23, 2016, 3:23 PM EDT

There's been some discussion that, after the extraordinary bummer that was its Emmy award-winning Season 5, Game of Thrones was going to maybe lighten up a bit in 2016. And considering that halfway through Season 6 there's been more characters we don't like than do like getting the axe (and nary a rape in sight!), I'd say things have been downright comparatively upbeat.

And arguably on the top of Game of Throne's delightful list of delightful things, we have Tormund repeatedly giving Brienne the "how you doin?'" look.


And while Brienne, herself, is serving up the heartiest "nah, bruh" to Tormund she can, the actor who plays her, Gwendoline Christie, is waaaaaay into it.

“I enjoyed Brienne being put in that position of feeling awkward and not wanting the attention,” says Christie. “That was a very fun thing to play. He’s a wildling, he’s very sensual and animal-like and very forthright with his emotions and feelings -- which is really the opposite of [Brienne]. I enjoyed trying to navigate that and the beauty of her embarrassment. She can totally deal with the situation, and with him, but she’s just so embarrassed about it.”

Christie also confessed that "Kristofer is absolutely hilarious" and that there's even a scene left on the cutting room floor where Sansa was "going Mean Girls" on Brienne and mocking her about Tormund's attraction. Honestly, I could watch an entire show of just this and die happy.

Between the adorable will-they-or-won't-they of Brienne and Tormund matched with John Snow's resurrection/reunion with Sansa, I'd say The Wall is practically the Magic Kingdom of Westeros. And now I'm greedy for more!

Brienne <3 Tormund 4-eva

(via EW)