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Spock is 'broken' in Star Trek: Discovery's second season, says showrunner

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Jan 2, 2019, 1:56 PM EST

A famous face is coming to Star Trek: Discovery’s second season and it might not be how fans remember it. With doomsday on his logical mind, the world’s most famous half-Vulcan isn’t a happy camper as CBS All Access heads into the follow-up to its Trekkie debut.

Ethan Peck's Spock is warning everyone about The Red Angel and he’s as dour as they come. Now the series' showrunner is offering a little insight into why this harbinger of doom is an altered version of the character fans know so well.

Talking to TV Guide, showrunner Alex Kurtzman explained that the series’ younger version of Spock is having just a whale of a time dealing with his own visions. "Spock, because of his experience with the Red Angel and because the seven signals and these visions that he's had since childhood, all of his logical training cannot make sense of it,” Kurtzman said.

“These experiences have basically broken his brain and he doesn't have the emotional understanding of how to deal with [it] either,” the showrunner continued. “So both logic and emotion have failed Spock. He's not the Spock you know from TOS yet. He's the Spock who's still figuring out who he is.”

You can see that in the beard, an extension of the goatee that fans know from evil versions of the character. Peck said that the beard "is a great externalization of that internal disarray," and teased that the character will struggle to reconcile the "conflict between his human side and his Vulcan side, or his emotional side and his logical side."

Adding on to him being a brand-new Spock for fans of the original canon is his adoptive sister Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), who was taken in by their father Sarek. Apparently the show’s second season will help explain Spock’s silence about her in... well, every other Star Trek thing, and how she helped him become the character fans know and love.

"It's through his relationship with Michael and their working out of their issues that Spock comes to understand where he lies in the line between logic and emotion and actualizes himself as the Spock that we do know from TOS. By the time that you get to the end of the season, you'll see how he became that guy," said Kurtzman.

Fans will be able to see for themselves when Star Trek: Discovery’s second season (Spock and all) hits the streaming service on Jan. 17.