Spoiler alert: the Star Wars VII villain rumors keep coming

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Dec 17, 2018, 11:00 PM EST (Updated)

Two very familiar sets of bad guys from the Star Wars universe could turn up in Episode VII. Who are they? Keep reading, but be advised that potential spoilers lurk ahead ...

The latest rumors concerning just who will be giving the Jedi headaches in Star Wars Episode VII come to us courtesy of Latino Review, so keep in mind that all of this is about as official as a bill of sale for a droid from a Jawa.

The first batch of antagonists who will supposedly show up are the Mandalorians, those warlike mercenaries who have often done business with the Sith but were just as likely to sell their services to a higher bidder if one came along. And in case you aren't familiar with the race itself, its two most famous representatives in the Star Wars universe are the Fetts -- Jango and his son Boba -- while Sabine Wren will be a new Mandalorian face in the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels animated show.


There are reportedly mercenaries in Episode VII, and it makes sense that they would just as well be Mandalorians, since we've also heard that much of the story revolves around a plot to resurrect their partners, the Sith.

Speaking of which, a Sith witch or witches is the second of the two new villains. Latino Review has less to say about this possibility, except to mention that they could be "loosely based on the Nightsisters of Dathomir." The Nightsisters were witches who dominated the planet Dathomir, where Darth Maul happened to be born. Just some nerdy little fun facts, or perhaps something more meaningful? You got me.

Sith Witch

That's the latest from the camps kept far outside the actual Star Wars Episode VII camp. What do you think? Are Mandalorians and Sith witches just the things to make life even harder for our poor, beleaguered heroes?