Spoiler of the day: Thor script leaks online!

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Jun 25, 2015

The script for Thor leaked online last night, and a ton of spoilers were revealed from the movie before Marvel's lawyers shut it down faster than a security breach at Avengers Mansion.

Seems that Comic Book Movie got hold of a copy of the screenplay and, while the site was unable to prove definitively that it was legit, it did correspond to footage seen in the movie's trailers, as well as rumors about the movie's plot that had already circulated. The fact that Marvel's legal team swooped in at once and had the site remove the thing makes it seem even more likely that this was the real deal.

Comic Book Movie did say that the script was "pretty epic" and "captured the essence of every character perfectly," noting that it was "definitely written by someone who is a fan of these characters and knows them well."

While that site removed all its references to spoilers contained in the script, Cinemablend has kept them up. Read on if you want, but first take note of our BIG SPOILER WARNING.

Okay? Still reading? Here we go...

♦ Hawkeye's rumored cameo is confirmed to be part of the screenplay.
♦ Ant Man is referenced, but referred to as "Dr. Pym."
♦ There's a reference to "a pioneer in gamma radiation," which would almost certainly be Dr. Bruce Banner, better known as the Hulk.


Just from hearing all that, it seems like Thor not only will be a hell of a movie on its own, but will set up next year's The Avengers in a big way. Now hurry up and post your thoughts before the lawyers come and get us!

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