(Spoiler) Why Harvey Bullock helps Fish Mooney on Gotham

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Jan 23, 2016, 2:20 AM EST (Updated)

In the half a season it's been on the air, we've seen that Gotham is full of murky colors and murkier motivations. But some motives are simpler than others. For example, policeman Harvey Bullock occasionally helps Fish Mooney, a criminally enterprising woman played to perfection by Jada Pinkett-Smith. However, he has his reasons.

According to actor Donal Logue, Harvey is in love with Fish.

Logue told TV Guide"Whether she's aware of it or not, Harvey Bullock's deeply in love with Fish Mooney." 

Logue would know. As the man who channels the formerly bent cop trying to walk the straight and narrow, Logue is the one who gives Harvey his motivation.

Although we've seen Harvey and Fish interact since the first episode, in which she kissed him in greeting even as she manipulated events to her liking, we've never seen much romantic attraction. But there's clearly a connection between them. Whenever Harvey needs information, he takes his questions to the woman in charge. And when Fish needs to wriggle off a particular hook, it's Harvey she turns to. 

In the last episode, "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon," we saw Harvey and Fish say goodbye. They kissed again, but he kept his feelings to himself. Considering she's a dangerous gangster hell-bent on a mission of revenge, perhaps it's just as well.

What's in store for Fish? It doesn't take a psychic to see her taking on a long journey with a sudden change of career. But we very much doubt she'll be a Fish out of water for long.

Logue told TVGuide, "Things get crazier for her when she steps off the dock to leave town. That is going to be a wild story line, that I guarantee -- it shocked me when I read what happens to her."

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