Spoiler: Have the new Spider-Man's super powers been leaked?

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Dec 15, 2012

Each week a new Ultimate Fallout is released, but we still know very little about the latest webslinger, Miles Morales. Some new preview images have surfaced, though, that seem to reveal SURPRISING new super powers.

In October's new Ultimate Spider-Man #2, Miles Morales is plenty busy facing down the mundane day-to-day with his newfound abilities. While it's not clear, he may have a little super speed happening in this first image.

Later, in a fight scene, it seems like he might have some kind of electrical abilities, which he uses to handily take down a much larger foe.

Most intriguing of all, though, is Miles' apparent ability to turn invisible! What's most compelling about this power so far is that Miles seems almost afraid of it, which makes us wonder how much control he has.

It's exciting that Morales will have gifts that Peter Parker didn't. It also makes us wonder if there will be Spidey staples that won't exist in the future. Right now, though, we're looking forward to seeing the new Spidey race down the street, shock a foe into submission and quite literally disappear into the crowd.

Whatever you do, Miles, don't waste your time sneaking into locker rooms and hiding out invisible in the corner. Remember—with great power and all that ...

(via Bleeding Cool)

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