SPOILER! Steven Moffat goes public with intriguing River Song news

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Dec 17, 2012

River Song has consistently been one of the most enigmatic characters to grace the modern Doctor Who landscape, and she just keeps getting more interesting. According to showrunner (and River creator) Steven Moffat, in addition to her time-traveling exploits and rather compelling parentage, she's also got intriguing romantic preferences.

That's right, Who fans, River Song is bisexual.

You might have suspected it already, but Moffat outed River during a brief Twitter conversation with fans last Friday that started when someone asked him how the Doctor would respond to gay marriage.

"You'd have to explain gay to him first," Moffat said. "Then straight! Then why you were still talking when there's ALL THESE SPACESHIPS!!"

When a fan pointed out that the Doctor would be hard-pressed not to understand gay and straight after getting close to both Jack Harkness and River Song, Moffat assured us all that when it comes to those characters, gay and straight are never simple.

So, while it may be more accurate to describe Harkness as something like "pansexual," we've got confirmation that River's into both sexes. Will this sort of thing start to matter when the next season premieres later this year? Maybe, but even if it doesn't, at least it adds a little more depth to a character we've spent years puzzling over.

(Via Bleeding Cool)