Spooky Instagram anthology proves horror stories can be told in 15 seconds

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Oct 22, 2013

Instagram has a video option where you can film, but only for up to 15 seconds. Is that enough to effectively scare someone? Let's find out.

Horror is maybe the hardest genre to pull off successfully. Sure, a lot of amateur film makers like to take a stab at horror, but the true greats are few and far between.

And format can add to that challenge. Pacing is key in building that sense of dread. So what happens when you only have 15 seconds to weave your horror tale?

That was the experiment that film maker Tim Buel decided he wanted to undertake. So he, his wife, his partner and his partner's girlfriend scripted a series of shorts to see what they could do. The challenge was more than just the time limit -- they also had to keep to only the practical effects happening as they filmed and the limited effects Instagram has available. The result?

What's interesting is that -- and you could call this a cheat -- the 13 shorts contained within this anthology are all connected into one cohesive narrative, sort of like a season of a television show. But the reason why I wouldn't classify it as cheating is that, in most cases, each individual 15-second short stands on its own.

It's a neat idea, much in the way people have been experimenting with Vine's 6-second limit, and we're definitely interested in more. The question becomes -- what should Buel and company tackle next?

(via One of Us)

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