Spoon! Amazon picks up pilot for new, live action The Tick series

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Mar 11, 2016

Amazon has ordered a pilot for a new live-action reboot of The Tick. It’s a good day to be a geek. 

According to Deadline, creator Ben Edlund is back as writer and executive producer, and they’ve already cast two of the main characters. Griffin Newman (Vinyl) has been tapped as Arthur Everest, and Valorie Curry (The Following) will play his sister Dot.

Patrick Warburton, who played the titular character on the Fox series, will not return to reprise the role (he's currently busy starring in the new NBC comedy series Crowded, set to premiere next week) — despite earlier reports that he would be back — but he’s expected to serve as executive producer. Casting for the lead character is apparently underway, and it'll be interesting to see who they pick to play the blue-clad antennae-sporting superhero.

While the 2001 comedy series saw The Tick fighting crime alongside Captain Liberty (Liz Vassey) and Batmanuel (Nestor Carbonell), the reboot will have our hero and his sidekick Arthur surrounded by a bunch of new characters. Here’s what Deadline reports about the reboot:

In the new incarnation, the blue suit-wearing Tick is recovering from a memory loss. He ends up re-teaming with Arthur to fight evil. Newman’s Arthur, played in the Fox series by David Burke, had been labeled as a schizophrenic because of his statements that evil plans to rule the city, and no one believes him until he runs into Tick. Curry’s Dot Everest is a nurse who loves her brother Arthur to death and worries about him.

Executive producer Barry Josephson, who worked alongside Ben Edlund on the original series, is also returning. Transcendence director and cinematographer Wally Pfister, known for his work on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, is apparently in talks to helm the pilot.

Even though it ran for only nine episodes, the superhero comedy series has become a cult hit over the years, garnering a strong fan following. News of a series revival for The Tick have been making the rounds since 2014, and it seem the deal has finally come together. On a scale of 1 to 10: How excited are you about this news?

(via Deadline)

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