Spuddy Christ

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May 7, 2008

With apologies to Dogma.

OK, yes, it's a cross in a potato. I've seen stuff like this a zillion times, though I'll admit not one that looks quite so much like a cross with a glow behind it (or perhaps some sort of bacterial bloom). Still.

It's a potato.

Yet, we get this:

"Everyone was deeply stirred," [Birgül] Balta [the potato's owner] told the paper. "Some of them even began to weep and to pray."

Yes. They prayed over a tuber. Seriously, if God wanted to appear to people, would He really pick a starchy root for His sign?

On the other hand, you might think, it worked. People are really excited by this. But I suspect that to the last one, these are people who already believe. If you're sitting on the fence, theologically speaking, would a potato be what pushed you over the edge?

Now, a sweet potato might be more convincing. After all, like He Himself said, "I yam that I yam".

Tip o' the shroud to Sandra Prow for sending me the news item.

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