Spurrier and Goonface do the gods' work in this Godshaper #1 preview

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Apr 8, 2017, 11:09 AM EDT

“A man without a god and a god without a man.” That’s the idea at the heart of the weird new fantasy comic Godshaper, but there’s a lot more going on in the series than just that.

In this series, Eisner-nominated writer of The Spire Simon Spurrier has teamed with artist Jonas Goonface to create an alternate universe America that veered off in a much different—and much more mythological—direction in 1958. The world of Godshaper is one in which nearly everyone has their own personal deity, and they’ve replaced everything from currency to technology to political power. But Ennay, our protagonist, has no god of his own, only the ability to reshape other people’s, making him a pariah. He travels the road with Bud, an orphaned god who shouldn’t exist, going from musical gig to musical gig.

The first issue is a true delight, bursting with ideas and worldbuilding, and illustrated with an infectiously zany energy that makes the setting crackle to life. Spurrier has proven himself as a writer who knows how to spin a fascinating and relatable tale out of a weird world—such as in The Spire and Six Gun Gorilla—and Goonface has immediately shown he’s an artist to keep an eye on, as he nails every panel with style, humor, and imagination.

Godshaper #1 is in stores this Wednesday, April 12, from BOOM! Studios and we have a 5-page preview for you to worship! Check out the first few pages of Godshaper in the gallery below, and be sure to pick up the first issue this week—I swear to the gods you won’t regret it.

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