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St. Agatha: You don't have a prayer in first trailer for upcoming nun-horror film

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Dec 13, 2018

Forget masked killers, they're soooo 1980s. Nuns are the favorites for horror villains now, and it makes a ton of sense.

Subverting our notion of a "pure" woman devoting herself to religion and God immediately takes us out of our comfort zone. Something meant to be a symbol of purity and virtue becomes horribly tainted by evil, murder, and the supernatural.

We got The Nun, Welcome to Mercy, and now St. Agatha. Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II), the '50s-set movie follows Mary (Sabrina Kern), a young pregnant woman hoping to deliver her baby at a convent in Georgia. However, she soon begins to realize that the sisters of the abbey are responsible for some pretty sinister things.

Check out the trailer below:

By naming the main character, a single and pregnant woman, "Mary," the screenwriters (of which there are four) aren't exactly subtle with the religious motif, but at least they got a little cheeky with it in the script. "Well, of course it is," says Mother Superior (Carolyn Hennesy) when Mary first introduces herself.

The movie's official description also pegs Mary as "a con woman," a characteristic that puts her on the level of Janet Leigh's Marion Crane in Psycho. Just like Marion, Mary is fleeing a life of crime, only to stumble upon a fate much worse than jail time.

St. Agatha premiered at the Overlook Film Festival back in April, but will make its public debut (on digital and in limited theaters) in the first quarter of 2019, according to Deadline.

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