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Stan Against Evil fights the demons of NYCC

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Oct 4, 2018, 7:55 PM EDT

The protectors of Willard's Mill must not watch the Flash, since messing with time travel causes an apocalypse which Stan and Evie will have to deal with in the third season of Stan Against Evil. Cast members John C. McGinley, Janet Varney, and executive producer Dana Gould came to New York Comic Con to talk about the Season 3 plan.

McGinley started off talking about the frame of mind Stan is in going into the new season: "Everything Stan has done has been wrong. It's made things worse. That's Stan's arc in Season 3, to change the way he goes about things." However, some things he apparently doesn't learn from, as there is another secret that he keeps from Evie.

That has the possibility of hurting the strong relationship the two have forged. "While I have a daughter Denise, Evie is the son I never had," said McGinley. "They want to be oil and water, but their relationship is so strong, they can't help but work so well together."

Varney then talked about whether or not Evie will see herself as a hero, after saving Stan so many times: "Evie can only deal with the very next problem. when she has time to step back, she has zero room to reflect as to whether or not she's a hero."

Gould gave fans a taste of what the story's focus would be: "This season Stan thinks he's found a way to wipe out the entire curse. He must work with someone he really shouldn't." You would hope that with trying to change the time stream by himself, Stan would think a little more about trying another plan by consulting someone else instead of Evie.

Gould also confirmed that like the previous two seasons, Season 3's story will resolve by its completion. He doesn't want the mythology to get confusing, as The X-Files could get over the years.

The panel also screened the third episode of the season, featuring the returning David Koechner. Without spoiling any specific details, the episode paid a great homage to old kaiju films.

Season 3 of Stan Against Evil premieres Halloween night on IFC.

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