Stan Against Evil teases Season 2 at NYCC: Expect an evil pony and homage to Alien

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Oct 5, 2017, 7:37 PM EDT

In Stan Against Evil, Stan doesn’t stand against evil so much as punch it in the face with a look of disgust. Stan Miller is the widow of Claire, the New Hampshire equivalent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and her death means he and the town’s new no-nonsense sheriff are left to fight evil themselves. At the end of Season 1, Sheriff Evie Barrett (played by Janet Varney) had been sent back through time and is about to be burned at the stake. At New York Comic Con on Thursday, creator Dana Gould said that “the first episode picks up right when the season finale finishes.”

It turns out that while that scene was filmed, Gould leaned over to Varney and said, “I have no idea how to get you out of this.”

At the end of Season 1, Stan (played by John C. McGinley) learned that time travel was possible — which makes reclaiming his late wife his new quest.

McGinley said, “Dana always grounded Stan in the loss of his wife. He can be the Archie Bunker equal-opportunity offender, as long as he’s grounded in love, even though [the character] would throw up if I said that. The knowledge figuring out how to get [his wife] back … it’s still the mission [Gould] put Stan on.”

But Gould warned that’s not the best idea for the character. “It’s a bad idea for Stan to want to go back and play with fate like that.”

So what can we expect from the upcoming Season 2 of Stan Against Evil? Attendees saw an episode called “Curse of the Were-Pony,” about a young horse who isn’t as lovable as he seems.

We can also expect a demon baby — with an episode made in homage to Alien. “It’s the Nostromo, but it’s a blanket fort. And the demon baby’s victims can be cocooned in saliva on the wall.”

Also, we can expect more hilarity, particularly from a show whose “tonal blueprint,” Gould said, is An American Werewolf in London. He describes his show as "a sitcom that doesn’t know it’s a horror movie and a horror movie that doesn’t know it’s a sitcom.”

“There’s some time travel at the end. A lot of fun death.”

Anything else to look forward to? The show will have stand-alone episodes and episodes the develop the Stan Against Evil mythology. “Just like The X-Files, but with a vastly smaller budget,” quipped Gould.