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Stan Lee in first of new series of videos: 'I’m back again with new energy'

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Jul 13, 2018, 11:41 AM EDT

Stan Lee is no stranger to making videos for his fans. The Marvel legend even posted one after he suffered a pretty rough bout with pneumonia. But since the comic kingpin has been battling with something even tougher than illness (lawsuits, power struggles, and convoluted wars for likeness rights), posting on social media is inevitably tied to the hardships of one of geekdom’s most treasured figures.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, Lee appeared in the first video since POW! Entertainment reasserted control over the creator’s social media channels. He joked about his age (“It’s taken me a while to get used to being 79 years old,” said the 95-year-old Lee) and promised his fans that he’s back.

Take a look:

“You’re my friends, I’m your friend, and we’re not gonna let anything come between that arrangement,” Lee said. “We’ve been together so many generations, and I don’t want that to stop.” After promising that this video was just the first in a new series of outreach videos — likely hard-fought in some of the strange battles for autonomy going on behind the scenes — Lee reassured fans that he’s still kicking. “I’m warning you,” Lee said, “I’m back again with new energy, and new care, and new protestations of the fact that I love my fans.”

Here’s to Lee wrestling at least some control back into his still-spry hands. Excelsior!