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Stan Lee thanks all the True Believers in heartfelt Twitter video

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May 16, 2018, 11:38 AM EDT

In his first video post on Twitter, Marvel comics creator Stan Lee thanked fans for their dedication and kind words on social media. 

“Hey, True Believers," he says. "I just wanted to you I love your comments on Twitter. I don’t know how much I’ve been missing, now that I seen them. And I just want you to know I appreciate everything you say and do. I love you all and let’s keep up this great relationship. Excelsior.”

Over the last week, Lee has been posting about how he finally gained control of his Twitter for the first time and this video seems like final proof of that. The following post was preceeded by two messages that read:

"From now on, I will depend on you, my dear fans, to protect and defend me. I love you guys and am so happy I have control of my twitter account back. You guys are my true superheros. Excelsior! Stan"

"I'm still trying to figure out how to do a live stream to answer the questions of my lovely fans. Soon we can talk face to face."

Lee also acknowledged that someone had apparently "hacked" his Facebook and Instagram accounts, meaning that anything posted by those pages is not aunthentic or authorized in any way. And things don't end there, because he's also filed a $1 billion lawsuit against POW! Entertainment, a production company that he co-founded in 2001.

The major claim of the case, writes The Hollywood Reporter, is that POW! and two of its leading members stole Lee's identity, name, and likeness, which were fraudulently sold, at one point, to a company in China. No one ran the documents by him and since he was declared legally blind in 2015, Lee could not have read them himself. 

"Lee does not recall anyone reading the Illegitimate Document to him, and, due to his advanced macular degeneration, he could not have read it himself," wrote his attorney Adam Grant in the complaint. "While the Illegitimate Document purports to contain Lee's signature, Lee never knowingly signed it. Either Duffy, Champion, Oliveraz [sic] or POW! (1) forged Lee's signatures; (2) lifted Lee's signature from another document and imposed it on the Illegitimate Document;  or, (3) someone, likely one of the Defendants, induced Lee to sign the Illegitimate Document by using a bait and switch tactic: telling Lee it was something else."

Moreover, the company has allegedy been the "persona" behind his social media accounts this entire time. 

At 95-years-old, it's troubling that others have seemingly been taking advantage of Lee for so long. Let's hope the Marvel cameo master regains control of his life soon.