Stan Lee walks us through 3 revealing new clips from Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Mar 7, 2014

Three new clips from Amazing Spider-Man 2 have dropped, and Marvel legend Stan Lee is here to walk us through all the big reveals.

Potential, major spoiler ahead for Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Approximately three minutes of new footage has been released in three new clips, as part of “Kellogg’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web-Slinging Game” promo campaign. Yeah, an admittedly weird source, but there's some good stuff in here. Trust us.

The clips show off some new action scenes, and also drop an (apparently) major spoiler about the fate of one major Spider-Man player. Seriously, that first clip has a big ol’ reveal. So keep going at your own risk.

Check out the clips below, narrated by Stan Lee, for geek-tastic context:

Still here? Good! So ... apparently, Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) dies at some point, or fakes his death, perhaps, which leads to Harry Osborn’s (Dane DeHaan) takeover of Oscorp. We’d already gleaned that the elder Osborn was in bad health, so this isn’t too much of a shock. But we’d have to think there might be more to the story if they’d just casually drop this reveal in a promo clip.

The sequel stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Campbell Scott, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field and B.J. Novak. It opens May 2.

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