Stan Lee asked Robert Kirkman if he could cameo on Walking Dead

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Dec 14, 2012

Everyone wants to be a zombie these days. Eating brains and stumbling around? That's what all the cool kids do. It wasn't always this way, but ever since Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comic-turned-TV-series became a major success, everyone's been asking him, "Can I be a zombie, too?"

While everybody on set has friends hoping they can get their undead on, there's one fan of the decaying corpse whose cameo would be a cut above the rest: Stan Lee.

According to Kirkman in an interview with the AV Club:

"There are a few people who have asked me, and there may be some fun cameos for comics fans popping up in the second season. I don't wanna call these people out; it might annoy them. Honestly, Stan Lee asked to be a zombie on the show—that's possible."

We're trying to imagine it. Does he just shuffle around, or does he mutter something like "Brains! 'Nuff said!"

In any event, we're all in favor of Lee taking a break from appearing in every single Marvel movie to sneak his way onto the Walking Dead set.

(via UGO)

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