Stan Lee's got a theory why those first two Hulk movies didn't work

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Dec 17, 2012

Marvel legend Stan Lee is obviously thrilled to have the company's pantheon of heroes tearing up the big screen, but he says The Hulk's recent feature-length efforts have left him underwhelmed—that is, until Mark Ruffalo "nailed it" in The Avengers. So what was the problem with the first two Hulk flicks?

Lee said 2003's Hulk with Eric Bana, and 2008's Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton, were decent enough films, barring one fatal flaw: They made the Hulk too darn big.

"Generally it's been wonderful. They hadn't quite found the right formula with the Hulk but he's very good in Avengers Assemble," Lee told Total Film. "They made him too big in the first two movies—I don't think he had to be as big as King Kong. I think they're gonna be OK with the Hulk from now on, though. Mark Ruffalo nailed it."

Neither previous attempt at The Hulk really lit up the box office, and both received so-so reviews from critics and fans alike. Ruffalo, on the other hand, has been called the highlight of Avengers.

What do you think? Was size the only problem with those first two attempts—and is Ruffalo really the best Hulk yet?

(Via Total Film)

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