Stan Lee reveals details of his 'dumb' cameo in the new Spider-Man

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Dec 14, 2012

Spoiler alert, True Believers! At the Dallas Comic Con, Stan "The Man" Lee told everyone in attendance what his favorite Marvel movie cameo is—the one he filmed for the upcoming Amazing Spiderman.

Much to the delight of the audience, he went on to tell them exactly what the cameo entails:

"There's a big battle going on with Spiderman and the Lizard in a library—I'm the librarian. I'm stamping books, just stamping books, and I have earphones on and I'm listening to music ..."

"This life and death battle is going on behind me but I don't know it, I don't hear them. It looks so funny and I look so dumb."

Stan was a little worried that Marvel might get angry that he spilled the beans and never let him appear in a film again. Somehow, we aren't too worried.

Check out the big reveal below.

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