Stan Lee's not a fan of every Marvel movie (can you guess which?)

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Dec 17, 2012

Stan Lee's arguably the biggest name in comics. He's created some of their most iconic characters and is a huge supporter of comic book films. Dozens of his heroes have been adapted for movies—some better than others. He recently revealed which ones left him underwhelmed.

While at the 2012 Fan Expo Canada, Lee spoke candidly about his characters making the leap from page to screen. He's extremely proud of Marvel's The Avengers, but admitted he has some issues with its predecessors.

"I would have liked the Hulk to be smaller in the first two movies, and I didn't like the way Doctor Doom was portrayed in Fantastic Four," said Lee. "Now with Daredevil, they just wrote the whole thing wrong. They made him too tragic. That's not the way I wrote him. I think they're working on a new Daredevil movie and it will be better, so hold your judgment until then."

He also weighed in on what other superheroes he wants to see in theaters.

"Deadpool is such a popular character, I'd be surprised if he wasn't in his own movie in the near future, or introduced in another movie first. They're thinking about a Doctor Strange movie, a Black Panther movie, an Ant-Man movie—there's just so many ideas in the works right now at Marvel!"

Out of this bunch, Ant-Man is the closest to becoming a reality. It has a script, a director (Edgar Wright), and test footage, which was shown at this year's Comic-Con. As for Black Panther and Doctor Strange, your guess is as good as ours.

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