Star-Lord meets Iron Man in latest trailer for Avengers: Infinity War

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Mar 16, 2018, 9:08 AM EDT

A brand-new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has arrived online, and it's fit to bursting with Marvel heroes and villains. This is the third trailer for the movie, which brings together every living member of the MCU for the first time to face off against the Mad Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin) and his quest to achieve ultimate power via the six Infinity Gems. The first trailer dropped in late November, while the second aired during the Super Bowl.

So far, we've seen Tony teaming up with Doctor Strange and Wong, Black Widow's blonde hair, Cap's scraggly "Nomad" beard, the return of the Hulkbuster, Spidey's new suit, Thanos kicking multiple butts, and Thor in the company of the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Continue on to the trailer below for some new Marvel goodness:

Right off the bat, we got some really nerd-tastic stuff from the trailer, like Gamora telling Tony about her father (Thanos), Cap receiving a warm reception in Wakanda, Star-Lord sassing Iron Man, and Peter Parker thinking that Doctor Strange is using a "made-up" name.

Tickets for the movie also go on sale today, so scoop yours up here before Thanos shows up to steal everything that is good from the world. 

There's also a packed poster. Check it out:

While Thanos is obssessed with Death and its physical manifestation in the comic books, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige revealed that the film will be tweaking his backstory a bit. He hails from the planet Titan, whose people went extinct after an event that Thanos could have prevented but was not able to. Vowing never to let such a thing happen again, he sets out to stop any expanding life in the universe, which he believes will bring ruin to the universe.

Created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich in the early 1970s, Thanos, an Eternal-Deviant hybrid, originally hails from Saturn's moon of Titan. Born with an ugly and purple visage, he grew up in the shadow of his handsome, more beloved brother Starfox (aka Eros); in fact, their mother tried to kill Thanos when he was first born. Neglected, bitter, and alone, Thanos became infatuated with Mistress Death and, hoping to impress her, wipes out millions of his own people. 


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Some fans were irked about the change to Thanos' background, as they feel that he doesn't have to be a sympathetic character, as he is the ultimate Marvel villain. He's a chaotic, remorseless murderer who has no redeeming qualities, but since a movie needs more dramatic dichotomies, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely probably felt he needed to be a little bit relatable. Don't get us wrong, he's still a horrible, horrible person (alien?) for what he did to poor Nebula. He's still as heinous as ever, but he's operating under the idea that he's doing the right thing. 

Infinity War unites all six Infinity Stones on Friday, April 27.