New 360-degree fan video lets you experience original Star Tours ride

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May 9, 2017, 2:52 PM EDT

I was on hand at Disneyland in the winter of 1987 for the grand opening of Star Tours, the 3D motion-simulation E-Ticket ride developed in partnership with George Lucas and Lucasfilm. After a 2-hour wait, made more tolerable due to the awesome spaceport queue area, I recall the jolting, jarring journey into a galaxy far, far away and got right back in line for another round. Come on, it was an immersive Star Wars ride!

In later years, the attraction was tweaked with newer HD technology, and most of the original elements were gone when the ride was refurbished and converted in 2011 to Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. Even though the experience was smoother and now offered multiple story scenarios and endings per flight, I somehow missed the quaint, old-school effects of the original Star Tours.

Now Star Wars superfan Gregory Noacco has re-created that original '80s Star Tours ride as part of an experimental VR project to digitally resurrect classic Disney park rides.

Strap on your fanny pack, step into your Starspeeder 3000 and check out his 4K restoration of the classic Star Tours attraction in a 360-degree simulation video, then tell us if you remember your first radical ride.

(Via io9)