Star Trek 3 just beamed up an awesome new co-writer

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Jan 22, 2015, 12:01 PM EST

More than a few Trek fans were upset last spring when it was revealed that the director of the third film in the reboot saga kicked off by J.J. Abrams in 2009 would be Roberto Orci, a first-time director who helped engineer the disappointing Star Trek Into Darkness. Orci eventually left the film over reported disagreements about the script, and Fast & Furious director Justin Lin, a filmmaker with plenty of action experience, is now in the driver's seat

While it's encouraging to see that the film has a more experienced tentpole director now, many fans continue to worry over the direction of Trek 3's story. Will the film continue down the path of Into Darkness, or will we see an improvement? Well, news of the film's new co-writer gives us some hope for the latter.

Deadline reports that Star Trek co-star Simon Pegg has signed on to co-write the film alongside Dark Blue creator Doug Jung. Pegg's official Twitter account later confirmed the news. Pegg's been one of the standouts of the rebooted films so far as engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, and he's got plenty of screenwriting experience as the co-writer of the Cornetto Trilogy alongside Edgar Wright. Jung's experience is mostly in television, but he has garnered acclaim for his work on Dark Blue, as well as HBO series Big Love and Cinemax series Banshee

We don't know yet where Pegg and Jung are taking Star Trek 3's story in Orci's absence, but we do know that Pegg is a devoted sci-fi fan, and that he's got a proven screenwriting record of being able to blend poignant human drama, humor and action onscreen. It kinda feels like one of us is on the inside now, shaping the film. Then again, Pegg's never written something quite this big before ...

What do you think? With Pegg picking up the pen, can we expect more from Star Trek 3?

(Via Deadline)