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Star Trek: Bridge Crew adds Borg and 'bots with The Next Generation DLC

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May 25, 2018

The final frontier has never been closer to your eyeballs thanks to the PS4 game Star Trek: Bridge Crew, but now with a new The Next Generation-based expansion, the VR mission simulator allows Trekkies to get down and dirty with the Borg and Data-like robots. No Wesley, though. Yet.

While the standalone game allowed players to fit in on deck as one of various roles helping the spaceship complete its missions, the TNG DLC offers a bit more flavor for fans.

According to Red Storm Entertainment designer Hunter Janes in an announcement, the team “added Romulans, we’ve put in the Borg, created TNG-era uniforms, gave players the ability to make their avatars Soong-type androids, put in new shield modulation and precision phaser fire mechanics, took a pass through our play spaces so that more solar systems will be utilized by Ongoing Voyages (our randomized Starfleet mission generator), and added two new Ongoing Voyages (‘Resistance’ and ‘Patrol’) complete with new voice work and unique mission mechanics.” Phew.

That’s a lot. New missions, new baddies, and the new ability to be a ‘bot. And that doesn’t even count the addition of a Planet Killer or the ability to play on the Enterprise bridge.

Players will be tasked to search the galaxy for anti-Borg prototypes while avoiding (or confronting — hey, it’s your VR life) a Borg Cube that’s assimilating as quickly as can be. While you can play without the VR tech, putting yourself on the bridge with a few real-life teammates staring down the same alien enemies and console fires as you is bound to really bring the TNG experience to your living room.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew The Next Generation DLC is available on PlayStation VR now.

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