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Star Trek crews past and present receive Governor's Award at Creative Arts Emmys

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Sep 10, 2018, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

We reported how well our favorite genre shows did at last night’s Creative Emmys. Along with big winners like Rick and Morty and Game of Thrones, the Academy also presented the coveted Governor’s Award. With cast members from its 52-year history on hand, Star Trek received one of the Emmys’ most prestigious trophies.

The award was presented by Bill Nye, who said: “It may have started off as an entertainment series, but it changed the world – and I feel that it changed the world for the better.” He is 100% correct. Star Trek broke boundaries in diversity and race, something that it would continue to do throughout its history.

On hand from the Star Trek universe were LeVar Burton (TNG), Linda Park (Enterprise), Walter Koenig (TOS), Terry Farrell (DS9), and Alex Kurtzman (executive producer of Discovery). Accepting the award were representatives from the first and current series, William Shatner and Sonequa Martin-Green.

Shatner said as he was accepting the award that Star Trek “represents an idea that is greater than all of its parts. I accept this award for all the artists who have worked to make this show a success.”

It’s not a coincidence the award was given to the series on September 8, the same day Star Trek premiered back in 1966. Before the event, Burton celebrated his love for the series with a picture of himself and his castmates in one of their coolest moments.

Terry Farrell also tweeted some love while at the Emmys.

Whether it was one of the grateful cast members on hand at the Emmys, the many cast and crew through the years, or even the fans who draw some connection to the series, Star Trek means so much to so many. The show has been on the air in some way for 52 years, and it looks like 52 more are on the horizon.