Star Trek: Discovery adds a Defiance star as Spock's mother

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Mar 26, 2021, 12:00 AM EDT (Updated)

The Star Trek: Discovery cast just added an intriguing new member.


We know from the series premiere of Discovery that the show's protagonist, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), was partially raised by Vulcans, having been adopted by Sarek (James Frain), Spock's father. We know that this upbringing has very much informed Burnham's view of the galaxy, and created within her a conflict between Vulcan logic and human emotion. What we don't yet know is just how much of Vulcan and Burnham's background we'll see in the series.

Now we know we'll get just a little bit more.

As reported by TrekMovie, co-showrunner Aaron Harberts revealed at the series premiere celebration that actress Mia Kirshner — perhaps best known to genre fans as Kenya Rosewater on the SYFY series Defiance — has been cast as Amanda Grayson, Sarek's wife and Spock's mother.

At this point we really don't know how large Kirshner's role in Discovery will be, but Grayson is a significant part of Star Trek lore. The role was originated by Jane Wyatt on Star Trek: The Original Series and later continued by Winona Ryder in the 2009 Star Trek reboot. Spock's half-human biology is a major part of his character, and represents a significant part of his development over the course of the franchise. Obviously the human side of Burnham is already playing a major role in Discovery, but Grayson's part in that remains to be seen. 

The Discovery premiere made it very clear that Burnham's time with Sarek is very important. Her memories of his teachings play a critical role in her earliest decisions in the series. That, plus the news that Amanda Grayson will eventually appear, raises an obvious question: Will Spock someday be part of this show? On that point, the showrunners are remaining tight-lipped, but don't be surprised if it happens.