Star Trek: Discovery beams up first look at Jason Isaacs

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Jun 21, 2017, 5:41 PM EDT (Updated)

The reveals about Star Trek: Discovery just keep coming fast and furious this week, and now we have our first look at Jason Isaacs on the new Star Trek series.

The Harry Potter alum will be playing Capt. Gabriel Lorca, who’s described as “a steely Federation Starship Captain who’s considered a brilliant military tactician.” The actor, who's shown his range in high-concept dramas like the short-lived Awake, is totally rocking that Starfleet uniform.

The image was released via Entertainment Weekly as part of this week’s coverage, and we not only have our first look at Capt. Lorca sitting in the captain’s chair, but the pic also offers a first (out-of-focus) sneak peek at the bridge of the USS Discovery — the titular ship of the series. 


In case you’re wondering, the bridge seen in the Star Trek: Discovery trailer is actually that of the USS Shenzhou, which is captained by Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). This is the ship on which Sonequa Martin-Green’s lead character, First Officer Michael Burnham, serves.

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere Sunday, September 24, on CBS before switching to CBS All Access for the show’s first season 15-episode run.

(via EW)