Star Trek: Discovery- Season 2 Enterprise Uniform Sneak Peek
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Star Trek: Discovery begins production on Season 2, and gives us a glimpse of some new (old) uniform designs

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Apr 26, 2018

Red alert — Star Trek: Discovery has officially begun production on its second season. 

The latest incarnation of the Trek saga takes place in between the events of Enterprise and the original Star Trek series. Shown exclusively on CBS's streaming service, CBS All Access, the show focuses on Michale Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), a human (raised by Vulcans) who finds herself in the middle of the Federation's war with the Klingon Empire. 

The first season was full of classic Trek lore — from James Frain's Sarek, to the Klingons, to an extended stay in the "mirror universe." The second season looks to continue this trend, with the infamous Starfleet splinter group Section 31 playing a part, and Inhumans actor Anson Mount joining the cast as Captain Christopher Pike

Pike's appearance on the show was not a huge surprise— the final episode of Discovery's first season found the crew answering a distress call from the original Enterprise under Pike's command. Since this is around the same time in canon as the events shown in the original series episode "The Menagerie" (itself cut together using parts of the abandoned pilot, "The Cage"), we know that Pike is in command of the Enterprise during this period, and that a certain Vulcan of some importance is also on board. 

A new video posted to Twitter today confirms the start of production, and gives us a small glimpse of what we might expect when the crews of the Enterprise and the Discovery cross paths. 

Not only does the video include voiceover from classic Pike and Spock (Jeffrey Hunter and Leonard Nimoy), it also includes a peek at some uniforms that look new in terms of Discovery, but not new to fans of Star Trek

Every Starfleet officer we've seen on the show so far has been wearing the skinny blue uniforms that the new series introduced — this is the first time that we're seeing Discovery deal with the famous gold, blue, and red uniforms of the classic era. Ever since we saw the classic Enterprise sail onto the screen (with an updated look) at the end of last season, we've been wondering what the crew of that ship would be wearing. It seems that they won't be wearing the gold sweater things from "The Cage," and they won't be wearing the Discovery blues, either. What we see here is closer in tone to what we have seen in J.J. Abrams' films set in the alternate "Kelvin Timeline." 

Is it odd that Starfleet seems to have two uniform designs going on at the same time? Probably, but it's not without precedent. Slarfleet loves changing its designs more than the Obsidian Order loves secrets, and the film Star Trek: Generations even went so far as to have two different uniform designs being worn on the same ship. Whether the new (classic) designs will spread to the rest of the fleet is anyone's guess. The blue things don't look very comfortable, so... we hope so?

In any case, Star Trek: Discovery is all systems go for Season 2. Will we see Spock himself make an appearance? We already have his adopted sister and his father on the show — to use Spock's own words, "There are always possibilities."

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