Star Trek: Discovery cast and crew on why we need the show right now

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Jul 23, 2017

When we first meet Shazad Latif’s character Lt. Ash Tyler in Star Trek: Discovery, he’s a prisoner of war who “has been through horrible, horrible things.”

This is not your dad’s Star Trek, as we learned from our interviews with the crew at San Diego Comic-Con. It’s more like your Dad’s Apocalypse Now.

And that is just some of what we learn in our interviews. Another: Executive producer Aaron Harberts explains that the focus of the show isn’t just on the bridge crew, that we’re going to see the people below deck, the ones who aren’t in charge. It seems like a more egalitarian view of Starfleet.

This egalitarian view that Star Trek has espoused since its original airing in 1966 is part of the reason that we could use Discovery right now. As Mary Wiseman, who plays Cadet Tilly, said, “Any time [to bring back Star Trek] is a good time for Star Trek to return, because it’s a great show. But I think the world right now can use a lot of compassion and open-mindedness. I think that can do us wonders and that is a show that this it is hallmark of.”

Star Trek: Discovery will air on CBS All Access beginning September 24. All Access costs $5.99/month with commercials and $9.99/month commercial free.

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