Star Trek: Discovery gets pirated, a lot, following CBS All Access premiere

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Sep 26, 2017, 1:05 PM EDT (Updated)

Star Trek: Discovery premiered last night on CBS, the only hour of the series that is going to get a network release. And in 24 hours, it has cracked Pirate Bay's Top 10 most illegally downloaded TV shows.

Entertainment Weekly and Indie Wire first reported on the show's illegal popularity. Four hours later, it was listed as the ninth most illegally downloaded show. Strangely, the second episode of the TV series, which is only available with a paid subscription to CBS All Access streaming service, is only listed at #14 on the most downloaded list.

Obviously, piracy isn't good (or legal) — it hurts the services that make the content we love, as well as the creatives who worked hard to make it. But CBS has certainly put itself in an interesting predicament. Piracy is as popular as ever, and a lot of Trek fans are almost certainly tech-savvy enough to use BitTorrent when faced with the need to pay for yet another streaming service for just one show. It'll certainly be worth watching to see what type of impact this might have on subscriptions for the fledgling streaming service.

Put simply, plenty of fans think CBS may have missed the mark putting Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access, and it seems at least a good number of pirate-friendly fans agree, and have no plans to pay for it.

What do you think of the decision to put the series on the network's niche streaming service? Have you subscribed?

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