Star Trek: Discovery delayed again, no new release date announced

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Jan 18, 2017, 4:15 PM EST

The wait for Star Trek: Discovery just got a little (or a lot) longer.

The new Star Trek was originally supposed to drop in May, but now we don't know when we’ll get to see the original streaming series. CBS is reportedly ramping up production this month but apparently didn't feel comfortable with potentially hitting the planned May premiere date.

This marks the second delay for Discovery, which was originally supposed to premiere in January. Whenever the show does surface, it'll premiere on CBS before migrating to the network's CBS All Access streaming service.

"This is an ambitious project; we will be flexible on a launch date if it's best for the show," CBS said in a statement. "We've said from the beginning it's more important to do this right than to do it fast. There is also added flexibility presenting on CBS All Access, which isn't beholden to seasonal premieres or launch windows."

Considering the creative shake-ups behind the scenes, with the departure of showrunner Bryan Fuller and the fact that scripts for the 13-episode premiere season are still being rewritten, the delay isn't much of a surprise. CBS apparently wants to get the series right, and if that means a few more months of development, then most fans will likely agree it's worth it.

Either way, all this chaos is definitely not a positive sign for the first new Star Trek series in years.

What’s your take on Discovery? Do you think it'll be worth the wait?

(Via The Verge)