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Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 trailer reveals bearded Spock as premiere date is announced

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Nov 27, 2018, 12:16 PM EST (Updated)

CBS rocketed into orbit by unveiling the first trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, which arrives Jan. 17, 2019, on CBS All Access.

The biggest highlights of the footage were the introduction of Anson Mount's Captain Pike and Ethan Peck's bearded Spock, who says he's been having visions of the "Red Angel" since he was young and only now does he know where it's pointing him. In addition, we are introduced to the main drive of the second season, the mystery of the "Seven Signals" and the "Red Angel."

“Obviously we didn’t take the casting of Spock or Pike lightly," said EP Heather Kadin at the panel, which was moderated by Rebecca Romijn, who will star in the new season. Kadin went on to explain that they still wanted Peck and Mount to bring their own takes on these iconic characters.

Mount added that “the writers did a very good job of creating a new Captain Pike" while exploring what we already know about him. “His greatest asset in his crew... he’s not afraid to admit that he’s stumped, [which] makes for great bridge scenes."

The only inconvenience of being captain? "[A] lotta fittings," Mount said of the multiple sizing appointments for his gold-shirted uniform/costume.

Mount added that he wanted to make the performance his own from the very start, despite the fact that Christopher Pike’s been around from the ‘60s. Since fans don’t know too much about Pike and his backstory, he had an easier job than Peck, who’s got a little more baggage with Spock.

To prepare, he watched the original series and read Nimoy’s biography. Still, he had a little more leeway since we’ve got some time to go before we see the version of the character from the original series.

"I like the idea that there are little blips and appearances of Nimoy Spock [on the show], and I think there are going to be [more] as we go on,” he stated during the Q&A portion of the panel.

Star Trek: Discovery NYCC 2018

Credit: Josh Weiss

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman revealed that finding out where these "Signals" came from, who sent them, and why they sent them is the main story arc throughout Season 2. Moreover, production is already getting close to shooting the season finale.

“We see light at the end of the tunnel," he said.

While running down the other Star Trek projects in development, he asked the crowd if they wanted to know who the bad guys will be in the forthcoming Captain Picard series. When the audience roared its approval, Kurtzman replied with a simple "No," a fake-out that obviously drew some laughter from the audience.

When asked if we'd see any other classic characters like Spock on the show, Kurtzman conceded, heavily hinting that the Talosians might be making an appearance on Discovery.

If you're a fan of Doug Jones' Saru, you're in luck, because the alien character will be learning a shocking piece of information about himself that Jones could not spoil. Nevertheless, he could give up that we'll be visiting the Kelpien homeworld of Kaminar and meet his sister in one episode.

"Doug is gonna blow you away," said Kadin.

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