Star Trek: Discovery star on that shocking twist, big death, and what comes next

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Jan 29, 2018

Spoilers ahead for the latest episodes of CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery!

The most recent episodes of Star Trek: Discovery wrapped up the show’s ambitious Mirror Universe storyline, dropping the shocking reveal that Jason Isaacs’ Capt. Lorca actually hailed from that dark alt-universe all along and orchestrated most of Season 1 to return to his universe and stage a coup. His ambitions were cut short when the Mirror Universe version of Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Philippa Georgiou killed him — essentially wrapping up Lorca's story once and for all.

Or did it?

So what did Isaacs think of the big twist? He loved it, and it’s actually the reason he signed on for the show in the first place. He told Entertainment Weekly he’s basically “lied to all the press constantly” from the moment he was hired, since revealing that big twist before the Mirror Universe was even introduced would basically ruin the first season. Looking back, some of the events in Season 1 will make a lot more sense with all the cards on the table, especially the fact that Lorca sought out Burnham in the first place and promoted her to his crew.


“I knew before I took the job. It was pitched to me that he was from the Mirror world. I said, ‘What’s he doing here? How did he get here? What does he want? And how’s he going to go about achieving those things?,’” he told Entertainment Weekly. “And at first they went, ‘We’re not really sure, it could be one of 20 different things.’ And I blinked slightly and I said, ‘I’m not sure I want to do the job if I don’t know exactly what he’s after, because then I won’t be able to act!’ Then we had a bunch of discussions and came up with a plan which we pretty much stuck to all the way through.”

Mirror Universe Lorca might be dead, but what about the Prime version of Lorca that we’ve seemingly yet to meet? Isaacs played coy about those questions, and wouldn’t even comment on his potential status for Season 2 of the series. This being science fiction, and especially Trek, no one is ever really gone — so we wouldn’t bet against Prime Lorca just yet. 

“Well, do you really want to meet prime-beef Lorca when you’ve had the mirror world? [Laughs] The devil has all the best tunes,” Isaacs told TV Line. “Or maybe he’s not that different. Maybe none of us are that different from the mirror versions of ourselves. It’s just a question of our attitude on the day. I have to say, quite often, particularly if I don’t have some caffeine in the morning, I am the mirror version of myself.”

Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access.

What’d you think of the twist? Would you like to see more Lorca?

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(Via TV Line, Entertainment Weekly)

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