Star Trek: Discovery’s EP Heather Kadin talks keeping the show fresh while also canonical

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Jun 13, 2018, 4:32 PM EDT

A tremendous amount of care is being taken to make Star Trek: Discovery both fresh and consistent with canon, according to its executive producer Heather Kadin. In Variety’s podcast Remote Controlled, the cast and executive producers of the CBS All Access drama talk about the ins and outs of making the series. 

In the Q&A, Variety asks Kadin how important it is for the show’s creators to show deference to previous incarnations of the Star Trek franchise while still being its own show, and she explains that it’s always important to respect the canon but to also draw in newer viewers.  

“Everyone in front of the camera and behind the camera is such a combination of people who were obsessed Trek fans, to people who sort of liked it, to people who barely knew it at all,” Kadin noted. “So, we talked from the beginning and still do about the importance of, it has to be true to fans, but it has to open the door to people who didn’t know it before.”

Kaden explains that this is especially true now that the Star Trek franchise is one “that’s appealed to an audience that has grown in age,” so it’s important for the series’ creators to figure out how to “bring in younger people who haven’t seen it before.” 

One thing that Kaden says she finds great about the show is that “a lot of us have kids who are of the age who can be watching it. So, it’s always come from a place from respecting and loving the canon of Trek but [asking ourselves] how do we open it up to new people?”

The discussion on keeping the show fresh and canonical begins around the 6:54 mark. Check it out for yourself and then let us know what you think.

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery returns to CBS All Access in 2019.