Star Trek finally gets the "Make It So" Frozen parody it deserves

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Feb 5, 2014

Disney's Frozen has become a pop-culture sensation, rolling up nearly $800 million worldwide and inciting a blizzard of sing-alongs and mashups of its infectious tunes.  It was merely a matter of time before the Star Trek universe was caught within its nefarious snare. 

Here the chart-topping song "Let It Go" is given more appropriate sci-fi lyrics as Jean-Luc and the Borg battle it out over the fate of mankind.  YouTubers Debs and Errol put together this hilarious spoof set to the feel-good music from Frozen's soul-searching showstopper. 

Turn up the volume and shout it out loud.  Resistance is futile!

(Via Geeks Are Sexy)

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