Star Trek gets a new game with surprising ties to a classic episode

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Jul 23, 2016, 12:20 AM EDT

Star Trek has had some terrific games over the years, from the tactical war game Star Fleet Battles (with a comprehensive 400-page rule book) to board game Star Trek: Fleet Captains. But it hasn’t had a role-playing game for ten years. Until now. 

Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures will be giving us a game where you can play your favorite Starfleet heroes, thanks to pre-generated characters from every Star Trek television series. However, according to Modiphius’ FAQ, “the focus will be on creating your own stories in the Star Trek universe.”

Those stories include fighting, exploring, diplomacy, and and even “ancient mysteries” according to Modiphius’ founder, Chris Birch

But it’s all grounded in the world of Trek. In fact, the Next Generation episode, “Yesterday’s Enterprise” is “quite important to the whole storyline. The events of that show lead to the Federation and Klingons’ peace treaty… All the story about the Enterprise-C, the Klingons, and the Romulans is all going to come to a head in that station. We’ve been going back to that episode over and over again. “

Players will get to play humans and aliens in Starfleet (I’m assuming Vulcans); aliens such as Klingons or other races will be included in the supplements. Modiphius will be releasing miniatures as well, but they’re not essential to gameplay. Gamers can pick up a free miniature (either Kirk or Picard) by play-testing the game at Gen Con. Can’t make it to Indianapolis? Star Trek Adventures will be holding living campaigns at major conventions.

Modiphius will be releasing Star Trek Adventures in Summer 2017.

Via io9.


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