Star Trek Shipping: The couples we want to see

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Aug 17, 2017, 12:00 PM EDT

When you go to the nerdy cons (like, say, a Star Trek Las Vegas, for instance), there's really an infinite number of things you can do and most of them won't even get you arrested! However, I feel there are few cultural mainstays more natural to a gathering of like-minded dweebaronis than 'shipping.

You know: that thing where you talk about two characters that were romantically paired. Or, more often, where you talk about two characters that were NOT romantically paired but, obviously, clearly, so, so totally should have been @#$ing.

Or, you know, just cuddling. I'm not here to deny any asexual love pairings. Those are beautiful and worth celebrating, too.

And, so, with that in mind, while at Star Trek Las Vegas, I reached out (appropriately) to fans and asked them "Whom, throughout the many iterations of Star Trek, should have been coupled but tragically were not?"

Nurse Chapel and Spock? Janeway and Chakotay? Bashir and Garak? Kira and Jadzia? Data and ... Seven of Nine? We definitely got some answers.

Why these couples? What is their dating life like? Only one way to find out: watch yon convention video, and then postulate your own hypothetical couple AND their first date.