Star Trek Stabilized is the silliest thing you'll see all day

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Jun 2, 2014, 2:02 PM EDT

You know all those times on Star Trek when the camera shakes to simulate that the ship has been hit? Well, what if it didn't?

One of the funniest things the Star Trek: TNG cast has ever talked about is the way they would pretend that the Enterprise was being attacked -- they would shake and shimmy in their seats. But if the camera weren't also in motion, that would probably look awfully silly, right?

Yes. Yes it would. And now, thanks to a subreddit called Star Trek Stabilized, we can see just exactly how silly. Be warned -- incoming Lil Jon soundtrack!

It's like a kind of bumbling ballet, isn't it? So elegant, yet so ... inept.

In addition to looking stupendously stupid, it's also probably a lot of fun, too. And who is having the most fun of all?

Riker. Always Riker.

(via Uproxx)