Star Trek: The Next Generation's Lt. Jae on Riker's desire and loving Picard

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Sep 28, 2017, 10:30 PM EDT

Folks, we knew that Star Trek: The Next Generation had a 30th b-day coming. Boy, did we! And one of the ways we prepared was by going to Star Trek Las Vegas and interviewing as many people as we possibly could. I'd yell to my producer, "Holy $#@! It's <insert Star Trek person whose entire back catalog I have memorized>!" And then he'd hand me the mic and we were off to the races.

And I will say: I was very excited to interview Tracee Cocco, who played a metric ton of aliens over the course of almost every Star Trek series, and was also Lt. Jae. If you don't immediately recognize that name, then just imagine Picard at some event -- perhaps a concert, or a play, or a cheese tasting. Whatever it is, the woman who is probably seated next to him is Lt. Jae.

So I sidled on up to Tracee and was like, "Yo Trace, be honest: Jae was Picard's side piece, right?" I mean ... what else could possibly be going on there? Friends?! Pfft. Not in my head canon, sister!

We talked about a lot of things, but that was definitely my big question of that day. I had to know! And now you too can know, if you are like-mindedly deranged. You are welcome.