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Spock the wedding emcee? For $1 million, Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto says he'd even do his own hair & makeup

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Nov 10, 2020, 10:24 AM EST (Updated)

Now that we know he’s into the idea, we think there’s no one better than an emotionless Star Trek being like Spock to emcee the intergalactic wedding ceremonies of the future. At least that’s the Vulcan vibes we’re getting from Spock actor Zachary Quinto, after beaming up this exclusive sneak peek at an upcoming webcast of Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz.

Sitting down with Horowitz for a fun, socially-distanced chat ahead of this week’s arrival of the Comedy Central series’ newest web-isode (catch new episodes for free at YouTube), Quinto confessed no fan couple has ever asked him to get in character as Spock to seal the matrimonial deal. But if the price is right, he swears he’d be the most low-maintenance wedding officiant ever, and he definitely wouldn’t neglect to bring his best Spock game to your next nuptials…no matter the Stardate.

Asked if he’s ever been offered a million dollars to officiate a wedding dressed as the even-temepered Vulcan, Quinto reflected for a beat and said, “I would 100 percent do that, so please — please bring them! I will do my own hair and makeup; I will go wherever you’re getting married. For a million dollars, are you kidding me? What do I have to lose? I could start that business, actually!”

Watch the whole hilarious, nine-minute preview for more fun as Quinto takes on his past genre showings, from Spock in Star Trek and its 2010s movie sequels, to Sylar on NBC’s Heroes, to his Emmy-nominated performance in American Horror Story: Asylum as Dr. Oliver Thredson (aka Bloody Face). There’s even a guest drop-in from Quinto’s pal and fellow AHS veteran Matt Bomer, who just so happens to be co-starring alongside Quinto in Netflix’s The Boys in the Band, which hit the platform back in September.

Doing his own makeup, at least when Star Trek comes calling, is sort of a big deal for the enviably-eyebrowed Spock actor. Elsewhere in the clip, Quinto says managing his thick ‘brows becomes a life-changing ritual every time he dives back into the Star Trek universe.

“Shaving my eyebrows for months on end when I’m doing a Star Trek movie is certainly the most intrusive, kind of like, you know, burdensome alteration that I need to make — especially when you have eyebrows like this,” he joked. “It’s not even like I shave them all…By now I think people get it, you know — but who knows if I’ll actually ever do that again?”

Trekkies are definitely hoping there’s a fourth Star Trek film in Quinto’s future. Back in September, fellow Starfleet crewmate Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) said he’s optimistic that “something concrete” surrounding a new movie might come out of Paramount’s recent franchise shuffling from earlier this year.

As it stands, the studio has recently hit pause on a handful of Star Trek movie ideas, which for a time had centered on possible treatments from Quentin Tarantino, as well as Legion and Fargo TV mastermind Noah Hawley. But even if Quinto himself doesn’t know where the Enterprise might head next, we’ll be watching and waiting to see if Spock at least shows up — either on-screen or off — to send newlyweds away to their honeymoon with a “Live long and prosper” — and maybe even a serene Vulcan pinch, if things get rowdy.