Star Trek's Marina Sirtis on a new TV series, who should play young Deanna Troi

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May 21, 2014, 1:13 PM EDT (Updated)

A local news outlet recently caught up with former Star Trek actress Marina Sirtis and got her take on rumors of a new series and who should play a younger version of Deanna Troi. 

Though Sirtis admitted she’s mostly out of the loop these days, she said she had heard rumors about a new Star Trek series that would kick off once the current Star Trek prequel film series, shepherded by J.J. Abrams, wraps up. That gels with what we’ve been hearing for years now, and it makes sense that the franchise would eventually return to the medium that made it famous. Right?

Things got more interesting when she opened up about a potential revamp of The Next Generation. Sirtis said “we’re done” when it comes to the original cast, but she wouldn't mind seeing her series recast with younger actors and actresses. So who should be the new Troi? Mila Kunis (The Book of Eli). Nice choice, Sirtis. We approve.

Check out the full video interview right here.

Do you think Trek will ever make it back to television? What form do you think it should take?

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