Star Wars and Avatar Disney World experiences get opening dates

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Dec 3, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

Investor calls are filled with financial minutiae such as stock upticks, diversification, fluctuation and other words that I just Googled now. But if you happened to have been on the Disney investor call made on February 7, 2017, you'd hear some more spectacular words from CEO Bob Iger: "Star Wars Land" and "2019."

Yes, Star Wars Land will open at Disneyland and Disney World's Hollywood Studios in 2019, the same year we'll be seeing Star Wars: Episode IX in theaters.

This is great news for those of us who have been dreaming of a Star Wars theme park ever since Disney purchased a galaxy's worth of intellectual property from George Lucas in 2012. No, even before — Disneyland had a Star Tours attraction in Disneyland back in 1987, which then spread to other Disney theme parks. But instead of a small section of Hollywood Studios, the currently named Star Wars Land will hold 14 acres of a galaxy far, far away in Orlando, Florida. (There's no mention on the size of Star Wars Land in Disneyland, but Disneyland in total is a mere 500 acres, compared to Disney World's 43 square miles.)

But that’s not all the news that Iger relayed. Pandora: The World of Avatar will open to the public on May 27 (of this year). This Avatar experience will live in Disney World's Animal Kingdom and promises to be a feat of imagineering.

So it's great news for Avatar fans. But what about us Star Wars fans who don't like delayed gratification? Go to Disney World right now. Even without the late lamented Star Wars Weekends, you can still get Star Wars-themed entertainment.

As both Obi-Wan and Yoda once cautioned Luke Skywalker, "Patience."

(via ComingSoon.)