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Star Wars and Warcraft cosplay dominate Day 2 at C2E2 2019

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:46 AM EDT (Updated)

C2E2 was in full swing on Saturday, and that meant that alongside tons of geeky guests, riveting panels, and SYFY WIRE's exciting live stage, there was a treasure trove of cosplay walking the show floor. And we were in the heart of it, finding the best of the best after highlighting the first day's cosplayers.

C2E2's second day had everything a genre nerd could want in a costume collection, with everything from Warcraft to Weeping Angels ... even a gender-bent Hamilton.

There were Batmen and Jokers, of course, but more obscure characters like the leads of Detroit: Become Human and the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield. Anime favorites and newcomers alike complemented plenty of video game and superhero riffs, with LEGOs and Spider-Man spin-offs still holding strong. And let's not even get into the Jedi.

Check it out.

While the fans themselves continue to provide some of the best entries into the genre canon with their cosplay, SYFY WIRE has been keeping up with the pros by attending all the panels that matter at the con. While fans can find even more cosplay coverage coming from the con's close, they can spend the time in between catching up on all the news they may have missed.

You can find all of SYFY WIRE's C2E2 coverage here.

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