Star Wars Rebels- Ahsoka Returns
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7 Star Wars animated shows that we'd pay serious credits to see

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Mar 20, 2020, 11:45 AM EDT

At long last, Ahsoka Tano has returned to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We never expected this beloved animated series to come back at all, but now that it's on and Snips is back on the scene, our minds can't help but turn to the future. With The Clone Wars wrapping up (for good this time, we think) in a few more weeks, and with both Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Resistance having concluded their respective runs, what might the galaxy far, far away hold in store when it comes to animation?

Lucasfilm has a couple of live-action series on the horizon, but so far they haven't confirmed any upcoming animated series. Ahsoka fans are no doubt itching to see the continuation of her story after her appearance in Rebels — but even Ashley Eckstein, who voices Ahsoka, couldn't say whether it was on the docket or not.

So, with no new confirmed animated Star Wars series in the works, we've taken the liberty of brainstorming a few ideas that we'd love to see as animated shows. We don't have the Force powers necessarily to see into the future and know whether or not any of these shows might actually get made, but they would all be interesting ways to expand the Star Wars canon all the same.

Star Wars High Republic

Fun in the High Republic

For the Wookiee Jedi named Burryaga Agaburry alone, we want this.

For now, this time period exists as part of a major publishing initiative that will span books and comics, and it hasn't even begun yet. Still, with all of the groundwork, canon, and artwork that is going into it, will everything really stay on the page? Unlikely.

This era will truly show the Jedi in their prime, and we've seen what animation can make certain Jedi do. They have moves for days, so have them lightsaber up and attack some space vikings, we're here for it. Prime Jedi with the force as their ally can open up possibilities to all kinds of animated tales that will have us leaping up and down.

Would Knights of the Old Republic also be great? Yes, but we'd rather see that in live-action. You probably would too.

Solo: A Star Wars Story - Donald Glover as Lando (droid refilling drink)

Donald Glover in The Calrissian Chronicles

In Solo: A Star Wars Story, we see Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) narrating a holo that details his adventures from his own point of view. We'd like to see those adventures... all of them.

We don't just want adventures with Glover's Lando, getting into and out of scrapes with the dangerous scum of the galaxy — we'd love to see it as told by Lando himself, just like he narrates the tale in Solo. Glover had an animated Deadpool project in the works before it went south, and this could hold the same promise. Glover writing, narrating, starring, everything. All of it!

The events of the show could take place before Solo (the whole "Sharu" tale which he briefly mentions), and then also take place afterwards. L3-37 could show up, Han could drop in, anything is possible. A Lando tale from Glover's perspective, free from the constraints of live-action, is much desired — it could, theoretically, go full Rick & Morty with it's kriffy craziness.

Don't get us wrong, we still very much are hoping against hope for more from the entire Solo gang (a Disney+ live-action show seems like a perfect fit), but if that's not in the sabacc cards, then this would seriously hit the smuggler spot. More Glover, more happiness.

Star Wars Rebels- Ezra Hears Voices From the Past and Future

The World Between Worlds Presents: Cosmic Force Trip

Star Wars Rebels went a little nuts with the entire concept of the "World Between Worlds," a trippy realm that seemed to link the entire cosmic force together. It's not too far of a stretch to say that the "rise" scene featuring a baker's ton of Jedi voices in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker definitely made us think of this realm.

So, the thought here, if there is one, is... base an entire series in this place. That seems half-baked, so let's unpack. This realm would let you visit any character from Star Wars at any time, it's a big cosmic dumping ground of force spirits who are doing, what exactly? We don't know.

What exactly do force spirits and ghosts do when they aren't burning down trees and lifting X-Wings? Let's see it! This series would be a cosmic mind kriff, it could bring back anyone who would potentially want to come back, and it would just be flat out weird in the best way. We don't want to blow any mysteries, but we want that Star Wars weirdness.

The force priestesses from The Clone Wars could definitely appear as our field guide with multiple personalities, and then Qui-Gon Jinn, Aayla Secura, and Luke Skywalker spend a three-hour arc debating midi-chlorians while trying to "help" Rey's new order of force sensitives.

This idea is sounding worse all the time, but we're gonna keep it here anyway.

Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Luke's Jedi Academy

Here is a pivotal period in the Star Wars canon that has yet to really be explored. We saw the aftermath of Luke's new Jedi Temple in the comic "The Rise of Kylo Ren," but we never saw him build it, or gather his students together. Now is the time to see it!

It's not something that they could really do in live-action, because Mark Hamill as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker would be pivotal for this story. Hamill is no stranger to voice acting though, so would this not be a perfect fit?

Hamill's Master Luke (and R2-D2) building this temple and finding new padawans, all the while trying to take care of a young Ben Solo? It sounds like a full sabacc, and it could also give us further looks at the New Republic. Fill in those gaps! Some of us didn't think that filling in the Clone Wars gap would add much to canon, and look what happened.

Maybe we just don't want to say goodbye to Hamill as Luke yet? Who cares. Do it.

Rae Sloane

Unknown Regions: The Animated Series

After the Battle of Jakku in Chuck Wendig's Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire's End, Admiral Rae Sloane and the Imperial Remnant screwed off to the unknown regions. We've never seen Sloane again, though we do have little snippets of information as to what kind of infighting went on out there. It wasn't pretty.

When/how did this remnant meet Snoke? When did they come into contact with the denizens of Exegol? What the kriff actually happens on that stormy planet anyway? If you're looking at story potential, the unknown regions have been talked about in books for years. The Rise of Skywalker brought the concept to the big screen and finally made fetch happen, so let's spend an entire series there and just revel in all of the unknown goodness.

The beginning of the First Order could be included (how they decided to make Classic Coke new again), and there's also the Chiss, Thrawn's species that is still out there somewhere and hasn't truly paid their story credits off yet. Potential!

Most importantly, though? Rae Sloane. What happened to her? Inquiring minds (us) want to know. Animation would be a great place to showcase the unknown, and the fate of the admiral.

Star Wars Rebels- Ahsoka Returns

Ahsoka the White, Sabine Wren, and the Search for Ezra

This is the obvious one, the one everyone wants, and the one we want most of all. Star Wars Rebels left us highly satisfied, but it also left us with a bit of a cliffhanger. Sabine Wren (Tiya Sircar) has decided that she's going to find Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray), and who shows up to help her on her quest? Ahsoka Tano, dressed in a flowing white robe and holding a staff. Ahsoka the White (presumably with the powers of Gandalf, sorry to cross-franchise, but come on) and Sabine embark on an epic interstellar adventure to find Ezra (and presumably Thrawn), to go wherever those Purgill took them both.

Yes. Yes please.

Again, we'd love this in live-action, but seriously only with Eckstein and Sircar in the pivotal roles, roles that fit them perfectly in any medium. If that's not to be? Then animation all the way, baby. Eckstein told us herself that she is most interested in being a part of this story, and that Sircar is as well. They "bug" Dave Filoni about it constantly. It's time for the bugging to finally take form.

Let's get the obvious benefit out of the way first: We'd get more Ahsoka. That seems greedy after eight new episodes of The Clone Wars on Disney+, but who cares. We've never seen her in this stage of her life, a stage that may or may not include serious wizard powers.

Also great? More Sabine. By the end of Rebels, Tiya Sircar was stealing the show, and her journey is far from over. Neither for that matter is the journey of Ezra, so if they find him, there's even more bang for the credit.

We'd be surprised if somewhere in the depths of Lucasfilm this series isn't already being plotted and planned. The fans want it. The actors want it. Filoni keeps tweeting sketches of Ahsoka the White. Come on, just announce the thing already. Announce it and we'll stop asking about it.

R2D2 Accidentally Kills Hay Zu [1080p]

Something completely new, unexpected, and utterly crazy

Another avenue they could pursue? Something we've never even considered or thought about. We never thought we'd see something in Star Wars as weird as, say, The Clone Wars episode "Nomad Droids." That happened, and we didn't see it coming.

A whole new era, a whole new side of the GFFA, and whole new world for you and me. What else could be out there? What bat-kark lunacy might lie in an unexplored corner? Unexpected, unexplored, totally unconnected to anything that we've ever seen before, and cosmically trippy (like a previous entry here) beyond belief, this show would be. For such a show, animation would be the way to do it.

What exactly would it be about? Who knows, they haven't asked us to start the writers' room yet. We're here for them, though. Always.