Star Wars AT-AT helping 4-year-old walk will make you smile

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:32 AM EDT (Updated)

If you’re trying to get a recovering child excited about using a walker, what's better than turning it into an actual walker? You know, like a full-fledged Star Wars AT-AT?

Sure, the giant AT-ATs in Star Wars are technically called walkers, but one friend of a Portland family took the name to a whole new level after photographer Stephanie Kaloi’s 4-year-old son had surgery on both his legs that required knee immobilizers. So during recovery, the little boy has to use a walker to get around.

Luckily for Stephanie, she is pals with comic artist Ben Dewey, who was inspired by the walker’s design to turn it into a kickass piece of Star Wars tech so the little fella would think it was cool and want to use it.

In a post about the experience, Stephanie said her son absolutely loves it:

“To say this is above and beyond any expectations we had is an understatement: this thing is incredible. Dude loves being able to call Darth Vader (his favorite character) for instructions, and has mastered the sound of a laser being fired. More importantly, the goal was accomplished: our son happily walked all around our living room firing lasers at us for nearly an hour without once being scared that the walker would cause him pain. He’ll need the walker for another three weeks, and having him happy to use it is a huge leap forward for his recovery.”

This is an awesome story of sci-fi making a real difference in a child’s life. Now let's just hope J.J. Abrams doesn’t let the kid down with Episode VII. No pressure, J.J.

(Giant Freakin Robot via OffBeat Families)