Star Wars Augmented Reality Headset is now on sale

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Nov 4, 2017, 11:45 AM EDT

Start your holiday wish list because yes, you can now be a Jedi. If you've ever wanted to wield your very own lightsaber just like your favorite Star Wars heroes (who hasn't?), today is your lucky day. Lenovo and Disney just released a new augmented reality (AR) headset which will make you feel just like The Last Jedi.

Just in time for the holidays, there's a new Star Wars toy to buy. On Friday, Disney and Lenovo released their new AR headset “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges” along with AR lightsaber, and an LED motion-tracker. For a retail price of $200, you can feel the full weight of The Force at home.


Image Courtesy: Disney

By strapping on the headset (along with an app-enabled mobile device such as the latest iPhone or Android), you can enter into the world of the Jedi using the provided lightsaber to fight enemies and command armies.

Check out this video of the experience:

While test-driving the experience, Variety's Janko Roettgers described the experience as "a bit like wearing a baseball cap just a bit too low on your face" but overall fun. In addition, Disney advanced development VP Mike Goslin told Variety that a two-player version was in the works--meaning you could have an actual lightsaber battle with a friend. 

Also included in the app is the ability to play a combat game and even Holochess in addition to epic lightsaber battles. Seems like the perfect chance to feel like an (AR) kid again.

“Star Wars: Jedi Challenges” is now available at Disney stores, Best Buy, and both Disney and Lenovo's websites.

(via Variety)

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