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Star Wars author Chuck Wendig announces 5-issue Vader comic miniseries at NYCC

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Oct 5, 2018, 5:20 PM EDT

For those of you bummed that Marvel's Star Wars: Darth Vader comic series by Kieron Gillen will come to an end with issue #25, Chuck Wendig has some good news. At a panel hosted by Lucasfilm Publishing discussing Star Wars comics with several writers at New York Comic Con on Friday, Wendig revealed that he has been working on a five-issue miniseries centered on the Star Wars galaxy's most popular villain. 

According to Wendig, the Shadow of Vader miniseries will explore Darth Vader's legacy "in a fractured way," by telling stories about the Sith Lord from the point of view of a character he's had an impact on. 

For example, one issue will tell the story of a morgue attendant on the Death Star who noticed that some of the bodies being sent his way haven't been killed by normal hands. Another focuses on the character of Willrow Hood. Yet another will feature the Acolytes of the Beyond, essentially a group of Darth Vader fans that Wendig has previously written about. 

"Each issue will track the POV of a character that Vader has affected," Wendig explained, adding (in case that wasn't enough: "It's also about the violence and morality of war," which was met with laughter from the room. 

No artists were announced, but the Shadow of Vader miniseries will launch in January. 

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